An Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Is allergy season taking a tole on you - waking with a stuffy head and nose? Frequent headaches? Feeling sluggish, heavy in the body, and lacking the drive and energy it takes to live your life? In order to support the needs of our changing body during the changing of the seasons, Ayurveda recommends we clear out accumulated toxins, rebalance ourselves, and prepare to align with the rhythm of the new season and our current environment.

Hi, I’m Katelyn Sonnier and I help people heal their bodies through diet and lifestyle practices. 

Join me for this 14 day cleanse where you will learn ancient and timeless practices to strengthen your immune system, reset your digestive system, rid your body of toxins, and prepare for the change in season. 

Before I understood the interconnectivity of the body and nature, I struggled with these seasonal transitions. I would get sinus infections, feel drained, and need multiple cups of caffeine a day. My immune system was weak and it just couldn't keep up. A seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse is vital to maintaining optimal health during times of change. It’s an opportunity to balance your digestive system, eliminate toxins, improve your immunity and re-commit to healthy habits. 

During the winter months, our bodies slow down and we indulge in all of the holiday foods and festivities - often inviting toxicity to build up in the body. Not to mention, the sludge that accumulates in our lymphatic system due to the lack of warmth in the season of winter. 

An Ayurvedic cleanse is different from other types of cleanses and diets as its goal is to support and nourish the body rather than deplete it. During the cleanse you’ll be nourishing yourself with fresh seasonal foods, Ayurvedic cleansing dishes, detoxifying drinks, and many self care practices.  

This cleanse will aid your vessel in the removal of toxic build up hidden deep in the corners of your body. Upon the completion of the cleanse, your body will feel lighter, skin will be brighter, mind will be sharper, and your digestion will be stronger.  

"Participating in Katelyn’s Ayurvedic Cleanse was a game changer for me! The ongoing support helped me stay on track and held me accountable. The food was delicious; I never felt hungry because my body was getting all the nutrients it needed. The kitchari was so delicious I have added it to my menu rotation and I still eat it at least twice a month. I learned so much about myself during the experience. I discovered food sensitivities I wasn’t aware of, I kicked caffeine permanently, and I lost 12 pounds during the cleanse. I felt so fantastic afterward that this will definitely be an annual detox for me. Highly recommend this experience!" -Christina R. 

Katelyn is an Ayurveda Specialist, Integrative Nutritionist, Behavior Interventionist and Yoga Instructor. She has weaved all of these practices together to create a unique wellness approach- educating individuals on how to heal their bodies, minds, and souls in every season of life. Katelyn helps people align their internal rhythms with that of which we come from, Nature, so one can live a more connected and authentic life.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing science, translating to “wisdom of life” or "study of life within you". It's an integrative and holistic approach to health that takes into account not just your physical body but also your mind and soul.

Register for the cleanse and open your world up to the amazing benefits Ayurveda will have on your life! Sign up before March 25th and use the code 'earlybird' for 15%. 

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